Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: The Slakadeliqs - The Other Side of Tomorrow

BBE artist Slakah the Beatchild has been making lush, soulful records since his 2008 debut "Soul Movement, Vol. 1". He even caught the eye of Canadian rapper Drake who, after a collaboration, called him "one of my favorite producers I ever worked with" on Twitter. Lately, Slakah's been teaming up with fellow soul crooner Justin Nozuka for a couple of music videos and singles from his new album "The Other Side of Tomorrow" which we'll review in a moment.

"The Other Side of Tomorrow" was released without a record label and under the pseudonym The Slakadeliqs, which I'm assuming is an alter-ego of Slakah. I must say, it is definately an album I've been feeding my MP3 player. I recommend heading over to Itunes (or wherever you purchase your music) and feeding a few tracks (or the whole album!) to your MP3 player as well. Here's why:

The Other Side of Tomorrow is an album where its entire style, not just a few tracks, I have on repeat. It's cohesive. Lyrics like "don't let your nine-to-five eat you alive," or "all I know just keep breathing," for example, are down-to-earth and inspirational and found throughout the entire record. Slakah isn't going for any big statements here. He just wants to tell his favorite girl to keep her head up. In fact, some of the tracks have few words or repeated verses. Lyrically, the album's easy on the brain. Take "Call Me Your Friend," with Sandie Black for example. Sandie sings during its hook:

"Call me in the morning/call me at night/call me when you need me, it's alright/tell me what you're thinking, I'll understand/If you call me, call me, call me, call me your friend"

I hear some motown influence in tracks "Dear Lucy" and "Speed of Time," maybe "Tears of a Clown" by Smokie Robinson or something from that era. Lucy's "lu-lu-lu" hook is infectious. Nozuka assisted tracks "Love Controls the Sun" and "Keep Breathing," the two singles with accompanying music videos, are both melodic, layered with ethereal vocal deliveries from the two soul titans. Slakah cites Lenny Kravitz as one of his primary influences and this influence is crystal clear in the track "Beneath It All." On first listen, I can imagine someone thinking its a Lenny Kravitz track just from the rocked out vocals. Track "Defective"is chill and "Love Judge" with its long length is quite atmospheric. All in all, this album is drenched in soul from the opening track to the bouncy instrumental closing. I recommend The Slakadeliqs' "The Other Side of Tomorrow" for those who want some melodic, easy-on-the-ears, soul dripping R&B.

Tracks for your MP3 Player: 

The Slakadeliqs ft Sandie Black - Call Me Your Friend
The Slakadeliqs - Dear Lucy
The Slakadeliqs ft Justin Nozuka - Love Controls the Sun


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