Friday, June 29, 2012

Future D'L: Alicia Keys - New Day

One of the most respected contemporary R&B artists is back with a fresh new song just begging to be fed to your MP3 player. Alicia Keys, 14 time Grammy award winner, leaked a snippet of the song "New Day" from her twitter account on June 26. Now the track has leaked in full and is available to stream online. There is speculation that "New Day" may be the first single from Key's upcoming fifth studio album expected to be released in fall 2012.

The song starts off with a banging hip-hop beat and Keys chanting "New Day" to get listeners pumped up. Initially the song may scare off fans expecting a more traditional R&B sound from her, similar to past hits "No One" or "If I Ain't Got You", but the song deserves a closer listen.  Keys is married to producer Swizz Beats who no doubt provided the edgy beats. About 20 seconds in, a few pretty piano chords come out of nowhere to anchor the song. That familiarity should appease fans. Keys keeps the energy going as she plows through the first verse with her powerful and voluminous contralto voice. The lyrics are typical empowerment fanfare. Keys sings during the first verse:

"It's alright to feel however you want to/ There's no limitation/ If you lovin' life, let me see your hands up one time/ I'll celebrate mine/ Cuz I ain't gonna get no more."

I recommend New Day, and I hope it grows on me over the years. It's always nice to listen to something that makes you move and feel upbeat. If the song is chosen as a single, it will be released on music outlets everywhere for purchase. Be sure to get your copy.

Alicia Keys - New Day

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