Friday, June 22, 2012

Lloyd - Valentine

R&B veteran Lloyd struck gold with his 2007 release Street Love, his best selling album to date. Many may remember the bona fide hit "You" or the pop smash "Get It Shawty". But there's another record from Street that barely grazed the charts but has never left my Mp3 player, Valentine. The track's vocals, and nearly everything Lloyd sings, reminds me of Michael Jackson. I think Valentine is descendant from Jackson's I Can't Help It -- those falsetto notes, the undulating melody. For those who don't know, I Can't Help It was written by my favorite songwriter Stevie Wonder, who's the king of melody in my opinion. Everything about Valentine is golden. It begins with a latin flavored guitar intro and then the throbing base comes in with Lloyd singing softly over it. There aren't any standout lines in the lyrics. They're pretty standard love fare. The brige is a tad notable. Here Lloyd coos:

"If this is a dream, don't wake me/the thought of you just takes me/to the moon and the stars/the world revolves around my heart."

What a perfect way to climax a song. I wonder if anyone has ever made love to it?

Lloyd held a brief "Be My Valentine" contest in honor of the song. Several women posted videos on Youtube to win. The winner was given a free photoshoot with the R&B singer seen below.

Here's a link to the song's Youtube Video.

This song's a must have for your MP3 player.

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