Thursday, June 21, 2012

90's Gem: Zhane - Crush

You probably know them by their 1993 anthem Hey Mr. D.J, but there are other gems in the Philadelphia R&B duo Zhane's repertoire. The tantalizing "Crush," released as their final single from 1997's Saturday Night, is one. Save for a feature on Naughty By Nature's "Jamboree," the song would end up as the group last effort on the charts before disbanding in 1999. It's a pity seeing as how Crush is arguably their best work. It starts off with a few simple piano chords and then goes into this funky baseline so characteristic of the 90s. Then it slips into some sexy but subtle lyrics:

 "I needed sunshine in my day/something to wash away the pain/I saw a very gentle side of him/that took my heart and made it sing".

While listening, I always imagine drag queens trying to seduce some man they have a crush on. Maybe it's because of the heavy make-up the two wear in the video. I don't know, but the whole song evokes this narrative of a man who's out of a woman's reach. Anyhow, the smooth and creamy vocals of these two, especially Renee Neufville's lower register, carry "Crush" to such a soulful apex, it'd be hard to EVER delete this piece from your MP3 player. If you do (and I've done it before) you're likely to download it again a few months to a year later. It's just that sexy.

Here's the Youtube link.

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